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I Have Been Published: Paragon 18, 19, & 20!

Posted on August 18, 2015 at 12:30 AM


I have now been published  three times in Paragon, Colorado Christian University's literary and art journal! I think is a huge accomplishment, and I have been working towards that goal. Below is the first poem that was published. I won't be able to post all of the poems I work on here, because then they would be considered published, and literary journals won't accept them. However, I plan on keeping you updated on how my poetry journal is coming along, and the journey that is publishing poetry.

Ode to A Leaf

You make your appearance

In the soft sun of springtime,

Born of winter’s death.

Luscious and green,

You work with vitality

Through your summer days.

Those bright days of youth

Pass to the darker days of

Age and wisdom.

This knowledge and age

Manifest themselves in a change

Of color, A sign of maturity.

Soon enough, winter’s breezes

Shake you from your branch,

Unfettering you.

You journey on

An unknown path.

At its end, you rest,

Peaceful and oblivious

To the world around.

In May 2016, Paragon, Colorado Christian University's art and literary journal published their 19th edition. This year I had two poems published, Culture Shock and Memories. Paragon has just announced it's 20th year's theme, Memories. So, I guess I should have waited a year to publish that poem.


Culture Shock

Outside the window the mountains range

erasing childhood memories of the flat

praries of the Northern Minnesota country.

Where I live now is like a new country,

I think as I boil water on the range

of the stove in my two-bedroom flat.

Denver. On my tongue it sounds flat.

Not like the village names in the country,

from Minnehaha to Mesabi--the full range.

Culture shock is taking the Rocky Mountain Range in place of the flat country of the Midwest.


Can we take pictures in the garden?

  The garden is bursting with flowers,

bursting with colors.Bright spring


colors of blue, green, purple, and pink.

Are you blue? Here, let me kiss you to cheer you up.

Remember our first kiss? On the mountain?

We sat on the mountain and watched the sun set.

You took out or memories and set them on the rock.


Bright colorful memories of your years together.

However, this last year (2017)  I went a different route, and it paid off! I decided to publish a short story, which was new for me. Last year at the Festival of Faith and Writing, I took a break one afternoon and went to the art museum on Calvin's campus. There, I saw the cutest pair of Chinese baby slippers. I had already been working on a piece inspired by my intro to creative writing class, but I decided to take my story from the prairie and drop it in China to see what happened.

I loved how it turned out, and so did the staff at Paragon! I won first place in prose, which was a big deal for me, since I am new to this whole writing and being published thing, and this was my first short story. But, it feels really nice to be validated in what I am chosing to do with my life, and I learned a lot in between the Festival and today, the first day of my last week of college.

On Saturday, I graduate with my husband! And I get to focus on writing full-time!

You can read The Hope Chest in my self-published chapbook, Aesthetic Blindness, wich came out in June 2017. It is a micro-chapbook, with eight poems and a short story, and all were either written during my time at CCU, or heavily edited then. 

Stay tuned for more updates on writing full-time. In the meantime, you can check out what I have already written in the realm of writing/publishing, and stop by my page just for writers and poets. There are a lot of contests going on now and coming up, so if you want to enter a contest or try to get published by a journal, you should see the list. If wouldn't hurt, right?


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Reply Andrea Warkentin
8:47 PM on December 12, 2015 
This is quickly becoming one of my favorite things. You are such an inspiration Alex!
Reply alexandriamaxwellwrites@gmail.com
3:20 PM on December 14, 2015 
Thank you so much, Andrea!